SisterWeb, a network of culturally congruent community doulas and birth workers from and for Black, Pacific Islander and Latina/o/x communities, works to dismantle racist health care systems, strengthen community resilience, and advance economic justice for birthing families and doulas in San Francisco.

The Black Doula Locator

The Black Doula Locator is a place for Black Doulas to create profiles; and for pregnant or postpartum mamas to locate Black Doulas from around the country.

Roots of Labor Birth Collective

Roots of Labor Birth Collective (RLBC) is committed to reproductive justice, and believes that everyone deserves a doula, regardless of one’s ability to pay. When you hire an RLBC doula, you are investing in the wellness of the greater Bay Area birthing community.

The Doudad

A masculine identified person, who provides physical, emotional and informational support to a birthing person before, during and after childbirth to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. Often silenced, unnamed and forgotten (E.g., doodad), The Doudad was created for every Partner, Father, Step-parent, Brother, Guncle, Cousin, Dada, Baba, Papa, Makua, Dama, Mada, family member or Doula, who support birthing persons and families.


The NBDA® connects Black (BIPOC) birthing families with Black (BIPOC) Doulas nationwide. Our overall mission at NBDA® is to help fight the Black Maternal Mortality and Morbidity rate in this country and beyond through our educational development at the NBDA Leadership Academy ™, our Multi-level Doula Training Program. We have a professional database of skilled, trained & certified Doulas through our NBDA® Directory of Black, BIPOC & LGBTQIA Doulas ready to support and become a part of the overall Birth team for birthing BIPOC families and help usher them into a safe & healthy delivery.