EMBRACE: Perinatal Care for Black Families

"Reclaiming Health and Wellness for Black Births”

EMBRACE is a clinical program developed to give Black mothers and Black pregnant people an opportunity to receive prenatal care from an intentional angle of racial consciousness.

EMBRACE asserts a deliberate and unapologetic stance around holding Black mothers, Black pregnant people and their families with a model of care where social and economic factors that affect their health can be identified and addressed.

Our principle goals are:

  1. To sustain and support the creation of Black lives with transformative and holistic wellness
  2. To reclaim cultural wisdom and integrate it in modern, systemic health care as an option for birthing Black families so that the beginning of their mothering and parenting is done with a conscious and empowered choice.

EMBRACE perinatal care includes:

  • Village building with other Black families
  • Race-concordant care
  • Culturally specific & relevant conversations
  • Integrated behavioral healthcare
  • Mindfulness (through meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and indigenous rituals)
  • Extension of care up to 1 year postpartum


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We are currently accepting patients for our waitlist since we do not have any open groups at this time.

Continue to visit our website for updates on when our new groups will start. 





EMBRACE has supported 21 Black Families since September 2018


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This program is solely funded through philanthropy so every gift is greatly appreciated.

EMBRACE Funders:

  • Mt. Zion Healthcare Fund

  • Joseph & Vera Long Foundation

  • UCSF Center of Excellence in Women's Health

  • Tipping Point

Contact us at [email protected]