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We believe in women and are working to transform their health and lives.
We believe women deserve healthcare and health policy that is based upon rigorous research inclusive of sex and gender variables, designed with community, and provided compassionately by clinicians who respect individual values and choices.



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Black Lives Matter

We at the UCSF Black Women’s Health & Livelihood Initiative are deeply saddened, hurt, and angered as we have witnessed the deaths of Black people at the hands of the police. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade have now been added to the list of names of those we know whose lives have been cut short by police violence. The reality is that racism and systemic violence kill Black folks every day. We don’t have to look any further than pregnancy and maternal outcomes in the United States; we feel outrage on a daily basis. The cause of these deaths-white supremacy and racism-are embedded in the fabric of our country, including healthcare.

Important News in Women's Health


A Goldilocks Dose of Coronavirus

Do masks provide a just-right amount of COVID‑19? By Allison Bond, MD UCSF Magazine Winter 2021 Infectious diseases expert Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH , explores the idea that one of the benefits of masks may be that they provide exposure...

UCSF, UC Davis, UC Irvine, NAPCA, ICAN and Other Community Partners Collaborate to Launch the First Research Registry for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

How can Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders benefit from scientific research? Researchers at the University of California need you and your community to support the efforts. Jaya Quyen UC San Francisco, UC Davis, UC Irvine, National Asian Pacific Center on...

Minorities Benefit Less from Regionalizing Heart Attack Care

Gap in Response Times, Outcomes, Grows for Blacks, Hispanics in California By Elizabeth Fernandez California’s Black and Hispanic communities may be falling further behind whites in the quality of care they receive for heart attacks, despite recent medical efforts aimed...

New Research Center to Tackle Brain Diseases

BY JULIE LANGELIER gladstone_akassoglou_katerina_0720.jpg Katerina Akassoglou will lead the new Gladstone-UCSF Center for Neurovascular Brain Immunology, which brings together a unique combination of expertise to enable novel therapies for Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. A team of scientists at Gladstone...

How Worried Should You Be About the New Coronavirus Variant?

By Nina Bai A mutated version of the novel coronavirus has been making the news for being more contagious. First detected in the United Kingdom in September, the variant now has been detected in several U.S. states, including California. The...

How Can We Be Sure the New COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe?

ask-the-expert-vaccine-safety_0.png Crucial questions, say our experts, will be when and where to get vaccinated and which vaccine will be best for you. By Ann Brody Guy UCSF Magazine Winter 2021 Published December 8, 2020 Vaccines to protect against COVID-19 are...

What Is COVID Doing to Our Hearts?

what-covid-does-to-the-heart.jpg The disease may damage cardiac muscle even in those who never displayed symptoms. By Allison Bond, MD UCSF Magazine Winter 2021 Cardiologist Nisha Parikh, MD, MPH , discusses what we know so far about COVID-19’s impact on the body’s...

Frailty Is a Factor in Higher Mortality for Women Awaiting Liver Transplants

More Exercise, More Protein May Narrow the Gender Gap, Researchers Say By Suzanne Leigh Women awaiting liver transplants in the United States are known to be about one-third more likely than men to become too ill to undergo surgery or...

California Lockdown Suppressed Excess Pandemic Deaths

Latinos and Residents Without a High School Degree Saw No Benefit By Laura Kurtzman Nearly 20,000 more Californians died in the first six months of the pandemic than would have been expected to die in a normal year, with a...

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