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Covid19 Hope and Caution: Tools to end the pandemic

As we witness the recent surge numbers of infections, hospitalization and deaths dropping, there is a renewed sense of hope that Covid19 can be controlled and we can resume the social interactions we have dearly missed this past year. Yet we are cautious due to the surges in places with new covid variants that are more contagious and perhaps harmful. How do we balance this hope and caution? The experts tell us we have the tools to end the pandemic if we take actions now. The virus cannot survive and spread if it cannot infect people. Prevention of infection is the key and can be accomplished through immunizing the population with the very effective vaccines.

Important News in Women's Health


No Sign of COVID-19 Vaccine in Breast Milk

Small UCSF Study Indicates Vaccine Safety for Pregnant and Lactating Women By Elizabeth Fernandez Messenger RNA vaccines against COVID-19 were not detected in human milk, according to a small study by UC San Francisco, providing early evidence that the vaccine...

Frontline Health Workers Across US Faced Unique Stressors During COVID-19

Emergency Staff Report Substantial Anxiety, Burnout and PTSD By Elizabeth Fernandez Photo by Susan Merrell During the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency department doctors, nurses and other frontline staff experienced unprecedented levels of stress and emotional exhaustion that...

UCSF Task Force to Identify a New Location for Zakheim Murals

A UC San Francisco task force has been formed to recommend a publicly accessible, permanent site for New Deal-era murals that will be carefully removed from a seismically vulnerable building on its Parnassus Heights campus. The murals, entitled “The History...

For Concussion Patients, CTs Offer Window into Recovery

UCSF-Led Study Matches Brain Imaging with Prognosis, Showing Lingering Impairment for Some By Suzanne Leigh CT features like these can provide clues about concussion recovery. Image credit: UCSF CT scans for patients with concussion provide critical information about their risk...

Immune System May Need ‘Continuing Education’ to Protect Pregnancy

Newly Discovered Class of Immune Cells Implicated in Maternal-Fetal Tolerance By Wallace Ravven A healthy pregnancy may depend on eTAC cells shown here. Image credit: UCSF Researchers at UC San Francisco are zeroing in on how the immune system may...

Common COVID-19 Antibiotic No More Effective Than Placebo

UCSF Outpatient Study Found Limited Effect of Azithromycin on Progression of Disease By Elizabeth Fernandez A UC San Francisco study has found that the antibiotic azithromycin was no more effective than a placebo in preventing symptoms of COVID-19 among non-hospitalized...

“Neuroprosthesis” Restores Words to Man with Paralysis

Technology Could Lead to More Natural Communication for People Who Have Suffered Speech Loss By Robin Marks Researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully developed a “speech neuroprosthesis” that has enabled a man with severe paralysis to communicate in sentences,...

Gene Therapy Offers Long-Awaited Hope for Children with Rare, Incurable Disorder

Patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s May Benefit from Novel Treatment By Suzanne Leigh Children with a devastating genetic disorder characterized by severe motor disability and developmental delay have experienced sometimes dramatic improvements in a gene therapy trial launched at UC San...

Norway’s Humane Approach to Prisons Can Work Here Too

The Scandinavian nation strives to rehabilitate instead of punish. UCSF’s Amend program is showing that this model can help solve the public health crisis plaguing the American correctional system. By Ariel Bleicher UCSF Magazine Summer 2021Photo: Gabriela Hasbun In August...

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