UCSF COVID-19 Vaccine PSA's

UC San Francisco is featuring members of its community in a series of public service announcements to help build confidence in the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.


The Conversation: Between Us, About Us.

It’s time for Black folks to have a conversation between us, about us. Despite having one of the highest COVID-19 mortality rates in the U.S., Black people are among those least likely to get the vaccines. This new video series dispels misinformation and provides accessible facts to help Black people with this important decision. Black doctors, nurses and researchers are featured in this living video library offering an open, honest, and credible conversation about the COVID-19 vaccines. W. Kamau Bell appears in a launch video for the series.


One More Reason to Wear a Mask: You’ll Get Less Sick From COVID-19

The top-line message has been: wear a mask to protect others. While it’s true that most face masks are more effective in preventing you from launching droplets into the air than breathing in already dispersed droplets – that doesn’t mean masks offer no protection to the wearer.

COVID-19: The Path Forward

One Year. 2.5 Million Lives. A Global Shift. A year after the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic, recovery efforts are gaining some traction: Vaccines are rolling out, case rates are trending lower, and cities are gradually reopening. But what roadblocks lie ahead? Can we ever return to our pre-pandemic lives? What does the world look like a year from now and beyond?



The Covid-19 warriors at UCSF are often female, always fierce and unusually diverse

Dr. Monica Gandhi knows what San Francisco will be remembered for during the pandemic: It’s the city’s low mortality rate, claimed by San Francisco officials as a testament to the wisdom of an early shutdown.

COVID-19 vaccine in San Francisco

How vaccines work The vaccine teaches our cells to make harmless proteins that look like the virus. Your immune system recognizes that this protein does not belong, and builds an immune response to get rid of it. Your immune system can then fight the real virus if you are exposed later.


UCSF COVID-19 Vaccine Information Hub

UCSF continues to vaccinate its employees, learners, patients and the public. This page provides the latest information about UCSF's vaccine distribution plans.