Together with Love, We Rise Above

Our Youth Lead Change

For the past 20 years, young women in our programs have tackled the most pressing issues facing their peers. We are proud of the work of the 2017-2018 Youth Steering Committee for addressing the pervasive female experience of girl on girl hate, competition, and violence. In their video seen here, they courageously and honestly tell their personal stories so other young women who have had similar experiences know they are not alone.

They ask that we join together in providing Sister Support and countering this epidemic of violence.

Sister Support Space

Young women in our programs create amazing content for the young women in their communities. Explore their most recent projects below:

2016 Summit Video: You Are Not Alone

During the 2015-2016 school year we joined forces with our partners at Bayview Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT

Innovators Prioritize Self-Care

High school is stressful!

Congresswoman Speier visits the YSC

Co-founder of the Young Women's Health and Leadership Summit, Congresswoman Jackie Speier visits the National Center