The Youth Steering Committee (YSC) is a school year long leadership program for young women from the San Francisco Unified School District. We recognize the many strengths and assets of young women and provide members of the YSC with education, tools and experience to develop as effective leaders among their peers, within their schools, and throughout their community.

Our program is designed to be a safe place where young women can come together to share their thoughts and ideas, develop self-confidence, and build leadership skills. Throughout the year, the YSC explores various health and leadership topics including self-esteem, reproductive health, stress management and skill building for youth leaders.

The young women get the opportunity to learn about their health and life options from women leaders and guest speakers; receive mentoring and career guidance; and work as a team to develop the Young Women’s Health & Leadership Summit.

The Youth Steering Committee (YSC) usually consists of a group of 13-20 diverse young women from various San Francisco high schools, who work together to create a one-day health & leadership event for over 250 girls within the San Francisco Unified School District. The job includes conducting a community assessment; creating conference goals & a theme; researching and selecting speakers, workshop leaders and recommend today’s top health issues for young women to be addressed at the summit. The YSC members are paid for their work.

Founded in 2000 by former state senator and current Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Dr. Nancy Milliken, Director of the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, the Youth Steering Committee & annual Young Women’s Health & Leadership summit is supported by grants and private donations.