2016 Summit Video: You Are Not Alone


During the 2015-2016 school year we joined forces with our partners at Bayview Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT) to produce a video that captures the pervasive female experience of sexual assault and violence against women. In this video you will hear the lived experiences of a few of our Youth Steering Committee members, and a powerful poem written and performed by YSC member, Noelle Chin.

Here is a message from the 2015- 2016 Youth Steering Committee:

"It is our experience that the culture we grew up in and which we navigate every day perpetuates gender inequality, harassment, and violence against women and girls. Women of all ages are often seen as objects and valued only for their appearance. Frequently we feel unsafe in public spaces. Many of us experience catcalling, harassment and assault. We are often judged or blamed for these experiences leaving us isolated, scared and ashamed.

We believe young women are powerful as individuals. When young women come together, our power is magnified and we become incredibly strong. Stronger Together, we can co-create our own culture and change our society.

Being Powerful as One comes from embracing your authentic self. Self-love, self-respect and taking care of yourself are powerful tools in the fight against a culture that tells you that you are never good enough. We’ve learned that being vulnerable enough to let down your walls and be real takes courage. We invite you to honor your uniqueness and step into your personal power today.

During our time together as the Youth Steering Committee, we’ve also learned that can be Stronger Together by creating a sisterhood that encourages self-expression, support and safety between women. Stronger Together we can change the mindset of our society. We can create safe spaces to honor and trust each other. We can choose not to compete with each other. We can choose not to judge one another. Our sisterhood can encourage all of us to be brave, love ourselves, find our voices, follow our passions and become the women we are meant to be.

We invite you to join us in letting your walls down and being a part of a new wave of support for our sisters."