We are committed to helping you through your pregnancy loss

Recently we established the Pregnancy Loss Work Group, an interdisciplinary team which works together to help support you during this difficult time.
Also available to you is an Early Pregnancy Loss webinar featuring our UCSF faculty experts.

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy Support Group

UCSF also offers a support group for individuals who have ended a wanted pregnancy following an abnormal prenatal diagnosis. This group currently meets via Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month from 7:00-8:30pm
To learn more about this group or request information on registering for meetings, contact Summer Segal PhD (grief counselor and perinatal palliative care coordinator) at (415) 476-4674 or [email protected]
No cost to attend

UCSF Resources

  • UCSF Perinatal Wellness Program: https://www.ucsfhealth.org/clinics/perinatal-wellness-program 

  • Webinar "Early Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage): Causes, Management and Next Steps". Recorded on 8/18/20 webinar.

  • UCSF Spiritual Care: (415) 476-9720 (24/7)

  • H.E.A.L. Village Holding Expectation Anxiety & Loss Together. Sessions for black birthing persons who have experience all forms of loss. Offered on the 2nd & 4th Thursday, 6:30-7:30p Brought to you by EMBRACE

  • Join us at our yearly event, held in early October. An opportunity for us to gather as a community (online) and honor our babies. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the virtual event. Dates to be announced brought to you by the Service of Remembrance Planning Committee

Early Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage): Causes, Management and Next Steps

This recording is part of our 'Zooming through Pregnancy to Parenthood' webinar series.
Presented by Dr. Karen Meckstroth (OB/GYN and Director of the Women’s Options Clinic), Dr. Heather Huddleston (Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist and Director of PCOS Clinic), Melissa Whippo, LCSW.
Moderated by: Laura Weil, CNM, MPH

Select link for the 8/18/20 recording.

HOPE Research Studies

We are recruiting couples for a study to find answers about recurrent pregnancy loss.

Participants will be asked to take surveys and provide DNA samples for research.
You can help us find answers about miscarriages.

Hope Study 1-downloadable pdf
Hope Study 2-downloadable pdf

Learn more contact pregnancyloss.ucsf.edu.

Additional Resources

These resources were compiled by the UCSF Perinatal Loss Workgroup and reflect approved resources as of 4/2021.

Know that we are here to help you

If you are experiencing excessive bleeding or other complications, please call your provider or go to the nearest emergency room if the condition is life-threatening.
Please contact us at (415) 353-3400 if you would like to establish Ob/Gyn care at UCSF.

We have a team of nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, obstetrician-gynecologists, and high risk obstetricians who provide care at UCSF. You might consider seeing our reproductive endocrinologists at (415) 353-7475, to discuss recurrent pregnancy loss if you have had more than one miscarriage.