Congratulations on your pregnancy!

We are here to guide you through what to expect before and after you arrive at the hospital. Learn about the facilities and the practical aspects of arriving at the hospital when you are in labor. You can experience our tour virtually or contact us if you elect to attend an on-site tour. The on-site tour is elective and not mandatory.

Tours are held weekly Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 pm and last approximately one hour. Note: Saturday tours are available each month, and you must call to register. Tour dates and times are subject to change. No drop-ins, please.

We highly recommend you sign up well in advance as tours fill up quickly. Please call (415) 353-2667 or (415) 514-2670 to register or to sign up on-line visit
Registration is limited to two people maximum per tour. Drop-ins without pre-registration will not be allowed on the tour due to limited capacity and security. Due to hospital policy and the safety of patients, children and those who are ill are not allowed on the tour. Please contact WHRC if you are unable to attend your confirmed tour.
Once you’ve delivered, contact the UCSF Women’s Health Resource Center to help meet your unique needs as a new mother or parents.




Frequently asked questions

To prepare for your stay at the hospital, please print a tour packet, if you do not attend an in person tour.

Q: What amenities do the rooms have?
A: All rooms in the Birth Center are private rooms with a private restroom. Each room comes with a flat screen television that is controlled by a tablet with access to Wi-Fi, educational materials and a variety of movies. There is a safe with combination lock where you can store valuables. Each room has a sofa bed where your support person will sleep; we will provide all linens and pillows for overnight use. All rooms have natural light; lighting and temperature in the rooms are under your control.

Q: What is the visitation policy?
A: All family and friends coming to visit you must receive a visitation badge from the security desk in the main lobby of the Betty Irene Moore Women’s hospital, 1st floor, in order to be allowed access into the Birth Center. Visitation while you are in active labor is 24hours per day. After delivery while you are in recovery in postpartum, visitation changes from 8am-8pm. You are allowed one overnight support person the entire time of your admittance.

Q: Is outside food allowed?
A: Yes, outside food is more than welcome. Note if you order food from a restaurant for delivery you must send someone down to the main lobby for pick up, they cannot go to the 3rd floor. Each unit in the birth center has a pantry that you will be given access to. In the pantry you will find standard snacks & drinks, fridge, freezer and a microwave.

Q: Where do we park?
A: Full term parking is located in front of the hospital. There is a large surface lot, as well as a large parking structure. Parking is $30 per day, and will renew every 24hours. Unfortunately UCSF does not validate parking. Limited street parking is available with some restrictions.

Q: What happens if all 9 Labor rooms are in use?
A: If all 9 Labor rooms are in active use, overflow is intended to go into our Antepartum unit that consists of 12 rooms. All rooms in the birth center can be arranged to have everything needed for a safe delivery. Please note, only the 9 Labor rooms have the Jacuzzi bathtub. Remember to call the (415) 353-1787 phone number when you think you are in labor to help prepare things for your arrival.

Q: Do I need to register before delivery?
A: If you are a prenatal patient of UCSF, One Medical Group, or Golden Gate OB there is no pre-registration to complete.

For additional information print tour packet or call (415) 353-2667.

**All case specific clinical questions can be addressed by your OB provider**