The "Afterglow" is a postpartum support group for new moms with babies anywhere between the ages of 0-6 months. New moms and their babies gather to share their experiences and support one another in the early days of parenting. 
During this 6-week series participants will delve deep to discuss some of the most poignant topics that arise for women during postpartum. 

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Note: Scholarships available and all classes are currently being held through Zoom.

MILK-Mother & Infant Lactation Kooperative

MILK is a FREE weekly breastfeeding and mother support group. Moms and babies ranging in age from newborn to six months old are welcome. Share your experiences and learn how other mothers are adjusting to the demands of motherhood.

Get your questions answered with evidence-based lactation information.

MILK is offering Zoom sessions led by our board certified lactation consultants. Registration required. Space is limited.

Mondays 2-4:00 pm

Tuesdays 11:30 am-1:30 pm
“Before attending the group, all I knew is that I wanted to breastfeed...I came for the first time with my 5-day old baby and attending the group not only increased my confidence in breastfeeding, but transformed my transition into motherhood.” 

MILK participant

Pumping & Returning to Work (PRW)

This postpartum class teaches practical tips and advice on transitioning to the world of pumping, working, and continuing to breastfeed your baby. Topics include: preserving a breastfeeding relationship, maintaining your milk supply, pumping schedules, collecting/storing/transporting breastmilk, bottle feeding, problem solving, and more. Support persons are encouraged to attend. Take 4-6 weeks before returning to work.

Postpartum Village online support group

This weekly support group is offered on a drop-in basis. Learn more about the UCSF Postpartum Village.

Pregnancy Loss Support and Education Group

A new ZOOM support/education group for UCSF patients who have experienced a first or second trimester pregnancy loss in the past year. There is no cost for the group.

Facilitated by psychologist Lauri Pasch, PhD who works at the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health, and by Patricia Robertson, MD, a UCSF obstetrician who specializes in high risk pregnancies.

Groups sessions are held every 2 weeks from 12-1pm