About the Summit

The Young Women's Health & Leadership Summit is a day created by young women and non-binary youth of San Francisco for their peers.

Every year our Youth Steering Committee (YSC) works together from August to March to organize a Summit for 300 youth from over 20 public high schools in San Francisco.

Designed to uplift, inspire and empower, The Young Women's Health and Leadership Summit has launched a movement of youth coming together to learn about important health and life options that are often not discussed in school. The goal of the Summit is to provide resources and information on a wide range of health topics so that young women and non-binary youth ignite change in their communities and make wise decisions about their personal health, well-being and future endeavors. Each year, the YSC completes a survey of their school communities to identify the most pressing health issues to address at the summit.

This year’s Young Women’s Health & Leadership Summit will take place on March 14th, 2019 and will address the issue of Unhealthy Relationships in the lives of San Francisco youth. The Summit theme, “Love From Within is Where Growth Begins” encourages young women and non-binary youth to center themselves, explore their needs and wants, and strengthen their relationship to self and others. The YSC believes that self-work is self-love and that this process is a journey. The YSC invites youth to begin to fortify their self-love practice and will provide some examples of how to do this at the Summit.

We are excited to see you at this year’s Young Women’s Health & Leadership Summit! If your school has been invited to attend and you have questions about registration, please see our FAQ’s here. For additional information, email Kimberlynn Acevedo at [email protected]

The Summit is coordinated by the CoE with collaboration from the San Francisco Unified School District. Congresswoman Jackie Speier cofounded the Summit and looks forward to attending when possible. She makes a special effort to meet with the Youth Steering Committee to hear their hopes for the Summit and dreams for their lives.

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