Explore ways to dismantle the usual barriers that prevent Black women from obtaining health equity at UCSF, through the provision of integrated, longitudinal interdisciplinary care led by Black female clinicians at UCSF and focused not only on the absence of disease but on the state of wellness of Black Women.


Develop a master plan to increase the numbers of Black female faculty and staff working and leading at UCSF and in the community. Connect and leverage existing pipeline programs and initiatives to eliminate racism and sexism in the climate at UCSF. Analyze and remove obstacles to Black women being recognized as powerful leaders and promoted to positions of decision making at UCSF.


Analyze and create curricula and scholarship that addresses the differences in the interactions and quality of healthcare received by Black women. Develop a plan to educate healthcare providers on the obstacles facing Black women in their quest to achieve well-being and train clinicians in ways they can partner with Black women to achieve their goals.


Design a strategy to accelerate research on Black Women’s health and healthcare with the participation of Black women in the community in the development of research questions and their examination. A key component of the value of research is its broad dissemination which will be a component of our research strategy.