Past & Current Offerings

Heart & Breath: Wellness Begins Here

Heart & Breath: Wellness Begins Here... A wellness conversation facilitated by JeneƩ Johnson.

The Daughters of Henrietta

"The Daughters of Henrietta" By Kin Folkz of the Queer Healing Arts Center. "The Daughters of Henrietta" uplifting the life of Henrietta Lacks, the story of her HeLa cell journey, and the genius of black female and NB geneticists. Each flower in this painting represents HeLa cells. Come learn more during our exhibition. 

70% of the sale of artwork will be gifted to the Henrietta Lacks Foundation.

Direct Purchase Inquiries to 510-239-7197.

Healing & Uniting Every Sista

An intimate conversation that highlights HIV education and celebrates the joy and pleasure of sex and sexuality presented by Ebony Gordon from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

A Dream Weaver's Meditation

A Dream Weaver's Meditation, featuring Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest, The Art of Healing, featuring Cori Pillows, Poetry of Transformation featuring Ramona Laughing Brook Webb.

UCSF Black Wellness Center Open House

Friday, September 3, 2022

Open House: Drop by to relax in the Black Wellness Center, meet our team, and pick up a special treat.

Creative Writing & Meditation w/ Ramona Laughing Brook Webb