• Group Pregnancy Care Project for Black Women - with Black Infant Health

Through this project, we will provide culturally appropriate prenatal care to Black women and incorporate additional activities, such as mindfulness and yoga, that are beneficial during the prenatal period. We aim to increase the uptake of prenatal care, empower self-care and resilience, build a sense of community within the group, improve maternal outcomes, and improve neonatal outcomes.


  • Teaching Kitchen - with 18 Reasons

The overall aim of this project is to teach our patients about healthy food: what it is, where to get it affordably, how to prepare it simply and deliciously, and how to enjoy it. We identified a community based organization, 18 Reasons to provide a six-week course on healthy cooking. The weekly sessions include lessons on the nutritional value of the ingredients, tips on how to make the meals in the most economical way, and skills building with knives and other kitchen tools. In addition, participants share in eating the meal they have just learned how to prepare and are provided a bag of ingredients to take home with them. The final class in the series is held in a nearby grocery store. Participants are given $10 each and are challenged to buy the ingredients for a healthy meal.


  • Young Women’s Health & Leadership Program - with San Francisco Unified School District

Since 2000, we have worked in collaboration with the San Francisco Unified School District Wellness Program to promote young women’s health and leadership development. The Youth Steering Committee (YSC) is a school year-long leadership program in which young women explore various health and leadership topics including self-esteem, reproductive health, stress management, and skill-building for youth leaders. The YSC work together as a team to create the Young Women’s Health & Leadership Summit, a day of education, resources, and empowerment for 250 young women in San Francisco.


  • Raising Young Women’s Voices - with BAYCAT

For the past 3 years, our projects with BAYCAT have focused on promoting youth voices in identifying challenges and solutions in their communities. Young women in our program have created a video in 2016 addressing the objectification of women and calling for Sister Support, You Are Not Alone; a video in 2017 addressing the issue of body image, healthy eating and healthy moving; and are currently creating a video to be release in 2018 addressing issues of competition, hate and violence between girls.


  • Clinical-Legal Partnership - between UCSF Women’s Health Resource Center and Legal Aid at Work (LAAW)

This project aims to advance the health of low-income pregnant and parenting workers through education and legal services by providing free, confidential assistance to patients to help them access job-protected time off work, income from the state while they are off work for their pregnancy or to bond with their baby, and pregnancy and lactation accommodations in the workplace. By integrating workplace rights information into perinatal care, the partnership’s goal is to help patients care for themselves and their families without jeopardizing their economic stability.