Dutch Queen Visits UCSF on Tech Trade Mission

July 8, 2022

UC San Francisco hosted Queen Máxima of the Netherlands on Tuesday, as part of a Dutch trade mission to California.

Two Dutch cancer experts at UCSF, Jeroen Roose, PhD, and Laura van ‘t Veer, PhD, discussed their work and how it has been supported by the entrepreneurial culture at UCSF and the Bay Area at large.

“People are very open and forgiving towards new ideas,” Roose said to the audience of Dutch tech companies and startups. “I believe this nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Bob Wachter, MD, gave the keynote address on the future of digital health, predicting that despite many failures by firms large and small, healthcare is still ripe for disruption by digital entrepreneurs.

As he noted on Twitter, “Excitement about health care’s digital future is global!”