​The New Nest: Emotionally Preparing for Parenthood

The New Nest: From Partners to Parents (PP)

Discover how the birth of a baby alters your partnership.

  • Common relationship stressors that arise after the baby’s birth
  • How to prepare your relationship for the life change of parenthood
  • Helpful family and Postpartum resources

Fee: $45, One session class, 6:00-7:30 pm

The New Nest: Emotional Aspects of Pregnancy (EA)

Learn how pregnancy can impact your emotional well-being and how to care for yourself. (The workshop is helpful for women experiencing prenatal mood concerns, like depression or anxiety, or concerned about postpartum mood concerns).

  • How to recognize signs and symptoms of common maternal mental health concerns, like anxiety and depression
  • Emotionally caring for yourself during pregnancy
  • Helpful psychological resources to help you navigate pregnancy and new motherhood

Recommended after 20 weeks.
Fee: $45, One session class, 6:00-7:30 pm