Baby Friendly Goals

Promote the highest standard of infant feeding--human milk

Reduce disparities in Healthcare through:

  • Educated decision making
  • Hands-on help from the beginning

Rooming in with baby
Getting to know your baby, bonding, skin to skin, reading feeding cues

Individualized feeding plan that depends on your needs

Making informed decisions
Ask us! We're here to help you

UCSF (BFHI) Resources available to you

Connecting with you, our patients

We are conducting patient phone interviews to better understand what breastfeeding information you have received so far during your pregnancy care.
To prepare for the final step of our Baby Friendly Assessment, we would like to hear from our patients (28 to 40 weeks Gestational Age).

Your call: An opportunity to discuss breastfeeding information and questions you may have. A short phone interview will last 5-20 minutes.
Appreciation perk: We appreciate your time and will place your name in a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card! Raffles will take place monthly and winners will be notified by email.
Contact us: If interested, please contact the UCSF Baby Friendly Assessment Team to coordinate a time for this short interview, email: [email protected].